As of Jan 1st 2023 we will be making a small increase to the pricing at Secrets of Sydney

Even with this small increase we remain Sydney's cheapest, and we offer these competetive prices in Sydney's modern establishment with best line of ladies for you to choose from.

New pricing guide :

30 mins - $190
45 mins - $220
60 mins - $260
Spa Upgrade - + $30

We have done the research and 1 hour is the same if not cheaper than 45-mins at all city establishments in Sydney. We are well renowed for having the best line up in Sydney and pride ourselves on the calibre of ladies available for your selection.

Please note all bookings are made in two parts, 1 being for the rental of the room paid directly to the business and 1 being for the services negotiated by you with service provider of your choice. All pricing above is combined price guide to give you an idea of what you can expect to pay for an erotic massage.
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