Secrets of Sydney is proud to have been part of a team who worked directly with NSW Department of Health on our industry specific COVID-19 Safety Plan. This plan was developed to help create and maintain a safe environment for all customers, ladies, and support staff.

Some of you may not be aware that several requirements outlined in the COVID-19 Safety Plan has been in practice at Secrets of Sydney since the day we opened 8 years ago. This includes the use of private waiting rooms for all clients as well as ensuring proper disinfection of all rooms and the replacement of ALL linen after any booking. All linen is washed in hot water and hospital grade cleaning solutions and we have always used hospital grade disinfectant to clean our rooms.

We have imposed some further requirements to ensure a safe visit for all.

Well being of our clients and ladies

As per the NSW Health Safety Plan we have displayed some conditions of entry in our entry foyer. Any client support staff or ladies who are unwell will not be permitted entry to the premises. All support staff and ladies have received information and training on all new COVID-19 procedures and refresher training on all cleaning requirements.

Social Distancing

In line with the NSW Health Department guidelines we are only able to accommodate 10 clients in bookings at any one time. We appreciate your patience in high demand times. We ask that you observe appropriate social distancing when in all public areas and wherever reasonably possible in private areas. We hope that you won’t be offended if our ladies and staff keep their distance in public areas like waiting rooms and reception.

Hygiene and Cleaning

On top of our already rigorous and COVID -19 safe cleaning regime we have taken steps to further ensure your safety whilst visiting. We will be increasing the frequency of disinfecting any frequently touched surfaces, including waiting room chairs and EFTPOS machines.

Record Keeping

We will be required to keep details of all clients who make a booking. We will require your first name, mobile number, or email. This information is kept strictly confidential and stored securely for the required 28 days. We are also supportive of the COVIDSafe app and encourage its use.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us on 9525 7383.

Posted in Facebook 01 Jul 20